Black Riders

Tonight whilst waiting for her singing lesson, we read some of Chapter 3, and I was treated to Lucy's first audible gasp. The sound of hoofs stopped. As Frodo watched he saw something dark pass across the lighter space between two trees, and then halt. It looked like the black shade of a horse led... Continue Reading →

The Shadow of the Past

Lucy and I finished up The Shadow of the Past tonight. We discussed everything slowly, taking our time on any questions she had. She's particularly interested in the "9 Mortal Men", who Gandalf calls Ringwraiths. And when it was revealed that any who possess and use a Great Ring for a long period of time... Continue Reading →

Thorondor’s Impressive Size

It's easy to gloss over Thorondor's impressive wingspan. We don't tend to use 'fathoms' as a measurement (except perhaps nautically), and there's very little to which we can easily compare it. So I whipped up this diagram utilising information found within the texts. NOTE: The figures of the eagle and the people are approximate in... Continue Reading →

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